Dancer Choreographer Movement Educator


My first podcast with BTR Radio, Art Uncovered

On November 16th, I had a pleasure of visiting Kimberly Ruth at her BTR RADIO office in Downtown Financial District. She picked my brains out about my artistic endeavors. I spoke openly about the phenomenal treasures  that dance has provided in my life. Despite starting dance late in my 20s, my love for the art form grows daily in all aspects of my spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional being. Dance was my biggest fear and to this day I can't believe that I was so close to not pursuing it.

Topics I cover in this episode:

  • My history with dance and yoga
  • Starting out at a community college
  • Training abroad
  • The doors dance opened for me
  • Connecting the buddhist mindset as a growing artist
  • Physical training practice as a spiritual devotion
  • Conceptual photoshoots that elevate me
  • My Relationship with digital branding aka Instagram
  • How I feel about myself now; why I am fulfilled and choose PATIENCE over everything

Sit back, relax your jaw and sit bones, sip your tea and give it a listen!