Dance Reel

Music: Axel Thesleff Bad Karma Edit: Charlotte Acevedo 2018 Reel

Dance Barn Residency 2017

Dance Barn 2017 Summer residency @ Battle Lake MN. Works in progress Solo by Carol Patience Choreography by Melani De Guzman & Artist Filmed by Robert Uehlin


Suku Lab Dance V I S C E R A

V I S C E R A is inspired by the psychological journey of imagination. It explores one's extreme ability to fantasize, exposing the dark vulnerable sides of the mind that are often repressed. V I S C E R A invites the audience to this artistic realism, finding beauty in extreme conflicts within fantastical situations.

Raw Queens Envision

Music by Erin Mccarley

Choreography by Sara Rodriguez// February 21 2018
Video by Julia Discenza


Poetry and sounds by Charlotte Acevedo. Movement by Melani De Guzman. Performed at Arts on Site Fundraiser Party 5.20.17

"Poderoso" is about a women's mental frustration manifested in her sexual relationship. The narrator finds herself in a moment of clarity and power. She explains her dissatisfaction, frustration, and insecurities in response to her lover's emotional availability. As she realizes her role in his life serves him more than her, she also realizes something deeper about herself: the kind of relationship she requires has an emotional threshold that must be satisfied, this is the only way to determine her as an individual, an intellect, and as a sexual creature.